Polish Thing: a cinematic series on key accomplishments of Polish design

100 top Polish designs to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence! This new cinematic series proposes a closer look at the Polish art of design.
The programme tells the story of specific items, re-enacting the story of their origin, showcasing their purpose in space, introducing creators and designers. This story of things morphs into a story of Poland’s modern history. The episode focusing on the Osa (Wasp) scooter describes Poland in times of political thaw; the times which gave rise to the Lamp Art System are, in turn, a reference to the years when the Solidarity movement was born. The series are a reminder of the most eminent Polish designers, such as Julia Keilowa, an artist co-operating with Warsaw’s plated goods factory and author of i.a. the tableware design for the transatlantic cruiser M/S Piłsudski.