Joanna Rusinowska (b. 1992, Poznań, Poland) studied sculpture at the University of Art in Poznan and the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Graduated MA in 2018 with high notes.
In 2017 started a company and in 2019 entered partnership with the family. Currently, she is working as the beekeeper, graphic designer, and still works on her line of jewellery and artworks.
Her main area of interest is the human environment. She draws inspiration from nature, and lately, the subject of waste came to her focus. Since she grew up in a beekeepers family, she created a connection with insects. As she travelled a lot to various countries, she learned about different societies' relationship with nature. Her work is a combination of resin, food and metal. Food waste submerged in epoxy and polyester with an added metal element that accents an elegant side over the ugliness of garbage. While the status of plastic (resin) is to be kitsch, metal is attractive and valuable. It is a contrast between new and ancient material. The work brings together three common elements of modern society to elevate one another into a more beautiful form. Rusinowska's goal is to transform waste into a useful and beautiful object and raise a question of the nature of waste. That is the reason why the end product is jewellery, an object used for our decoration.