Nunc is a furniture manufactured in Croatia, in the area of Slavonia, in the town of Đakovo. The products were designed by authors who come from the wider region and who materialized their design ideas using a precious natural resource from Slavonia - durable, high quality, timeless and beautiful wood. The tradition and culture of everyday life and the traditional design of utilitarian objects are reinterpreted in modern language, combined with modern technology, resulting in timeless aesthetics.
NUNC delighted the domestic public and the profession with its appearance, and very soon after that the international design scene. The quality of the product and the excellence of the design are also evidenced by the numerous awards that this brand has received since it appeared on the market. The products are made in a combination of panel and upholstered furniture, and solid wood and metal. NUNC's collection is a practical and functional application for home, business premises and hotel and catering interiors.