Ivan Galić was born 1974 in Zagreb. He graduated 1999 at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. In 2005 he founded the NOP Studio. In 2008, he won the Drago Galić Award for best residential building. In the same year he won the National CEMEX Building Award for Best Residential building and 2nd place in the international competition. For the ELEN leaf electric car charging station, he was awarded iF Design Award as well as the Award at the annual exhibition of Croatian design 1718.
The plant observation deck is located within the Cret area near Dubravica, which has been protected since 1966. Wood was used as a reference to the location and the traditional construction of Zagorje, but in a modern design that ensures resilience. Careful positioning of the platform preserves all the existing vegetation, and for the purpose of blending into the environment in combination with wood, reflective stainless steel strips are used, thereby dematerializing the construction of the platform.