Narteos, also known as Planet 7117 is a planet of coloration and creativity. There lives creative duo consisted of Ivana Zavidić, mag.art and Vanja Vrbanec, prof.art and ceramic designer. They spend their days bringing their ideas to life and creating hand made decorative and functional products.
The goal of their products is to colorize your life and to bring joy to your everyday life.
Products made at Planet Narteos are handmade, unique, decorative and functional, made mostly from ceramic and wood. Among them, you can find joyful cups, bowls, vases, clocks, hangers, salt and pepper shakers and many others. Fashion lovers can also find unusual jewelry pieces to fulfill their style. During creation, Ivana and Vanja use a wide range of colors because they think there is more than enough color of gray in the world for it to be also found in their art. Their goal is to make their products colorful and alive and to brighten people's everyday life during their usage.