The concept of the permanent exhibition was brought out by founders of the Museum; spouses Ružica Božić Cerovac and Domagoj I. Cerovac. Their vision was completed by designer Željka Zrnić. Ružica Božić Cerovac worked in consulting and finances, but also as a jewelry designer. Domagoj Ilija Cerovac worked in marketing and publishing and now is the director of an international company. Željka Zrnić works as a designer in the field of tourism, entertainment, and culture.
The Chocolate Museum Zagreb is a place of interpretation of a historical, geographical, and cultural aspect of chocolate. The permanent exhibition is organized chronologically and follows the history of chocolate. The scenography of the spaces is thoroughly prepared and creates a unique atmosphere of a specific era of the history of chocolate. Colors, materials, lighting, scents, and tastes are all in the service of creating that special feel.