Hrvoje Boljar: MA of Industrial Design with 9 years of experience as head of footwear design and development department in a footwear factory. Throughout his career, he worked with some of the most esteemed fashion brands in the world, both as a designer and as a product development director.
Domagoj Boljar: BA of Entrepreneurship with 9 years of experience as a CEO of a footwear factory. Has extensive knowledge and experience in sales, finance and supply chain.
They are industry insiders who have inherited a footwear factory from their father in their 20s. They have manufactured sneakers for some of the most famous high-end brands in the world, and realised that the footwear industry has a huge negative impact on nature because the materials used in the shoe industry are downright horrible.
Footwear has a detrimental effect on the environment. Made out of plastic and leather, pairs were manufactured just in 2019. Polyester and rubber are made from oil derivatives and are the source of micro-plastics that pollute our grounds, seas, air, water, and ultimately end up on our plates. Most people think that leather is natural, but actually, it is filled with very toxic chemicals. One of the toxic chemicals in leather is Chromium which is the 4th worst toxic pollutant in the world. When trends fade, we discard shoes while putting an unbearable burden on Earth's ecosystems.
They decided to change themselves, their setting and most importantly - the industry. Using their manufacturing expertise they have redesigned sneakers from the bottom up, making them compatible with nature.
They have traveled the world searching for new materials. It was a five-year-long journey of research, tests and development filled with ups and downs, tears and joy.
The result of that quest are MIRET super natural materials. Not only can they substitute synthetic materials but in many ways they are far better than plastic. In manufacturing 10 amazing plants are used: hemp, kenaf, linen, cork tree, wood, corn, jute, eucalyptus, rubber tree and New Zealand wool to craft their 97% ecological MIRET sneakers.
Why has no one done this before? Because it's hard and expensive. They’ve spent five years making MIRET 97% super-ecological sneakers. That means they are almost entirely made out of natural materials, safe for the environment and your health. The remaining 3% is synthetic glue and polyester thread. This 3% actually makes MIRET even more eco friendly because it greatly improves the durability making them a worthy substitute to standard sneakers. Their vision is to create a 100% ecological and home-compostable sneaker, and with each new generation MIRET sneakers they are getting closer to this goal.