Marija Gradečak graduated at the School of Applied Arts in Ljubljana. Her works were exhibited on group shows, design manifestations and fares throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Poland and the USA. In 2017, she was awarded 2nd international award in the category of Textile & Fiber art “Lorenzo il Magnifico” at Florence Biennale – International exhibition of contemporary art and 2016 with golden “Mobil optimum” medallion for innovative development and the quality of the product “Lap”.
Mala Mica, dizajnerica is a project intended for children from 6 to 10 years of age. The conceptual basis is a picture book that has developed into a design concept for children and encouragement for creative expression based on the development and implementation of creative drawing accessories and conducting design workshops.
The story for children is written in verse, accompanied with illustrations, which vividly describes the vocation of the main character Mica, an interior designer.