Maja Matas

Maja Matas was born in 1986, in Osijek. This multi-award winning designer graduated from the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture and has a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the University of Zagreb. Besides from being active as a lecturer at several faculties in Croatia and Slovenia, she is currently working in the retail industry as the head of the private label design company. Her areas of interest include branding and exploring new methods of visual communication. At this year's Zagreb Design Week, she is presenting her work with „Hidden future“ that was a result of reflections on exciting times we live in, where the boundaries between the tangible and digital are being erased. "Hidden Future" is the proposition of an innovative way of communication within a dual reality. Graphics observed with the naked eye cover information, which is exposed through security cameras that are all around us in public and private areas and can "see" in the infrared spectrum. The dual design opens up new design space for individuality and copyright protection.