Magdalena Krpina Zdilar is a visual communications designer whose work encompasses art direction, visual-identity formation, branding, packaging design, web design, illustrations and photography. After obtaining experience in a marketing agency, design studio and publishing house, she continued to work independently and through strategic and creative work assisting other entrepreneurs in developing their products and services in the domestic and international markets.
Lamiale - THE BOX FULL OF LOVENDER. The notion of lavender does not only apply to the plant itself but to the love with which lavender is grown, the environment in which it grows, the atmosphere it exists in, and the entire process from its emergence to its survival (soil, sun, light, heat, water, air...). These elements are like a pebble to a mosaic which makes the whole picture - the Lamiale story. The wish to pack love and lavender in one box, we created the perfect balance of emotions and product expressed through the unique name - Lovender.