Lidia Stanulova graduated in 2015 with excellence from the National School for Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. 2017 spent at Erasmus+ exchange semester of Design at LABA Brescia, Italy. In 2019 participated with a project at the 54th International Car Show, Belgrade, Serbia and graduated from the National Academy of Art Sofia, major in Industrial Design with graduation thesis: Lunar Rover NOAH: Moon exploration vehicle. 2019–20 spent Automotive Lighting Design internship in Barcelona, Spain.
Fifty years ago, the man stepped on the Moon. Nowadays our sight is set to Space again. Gazing into the dark, we strive for better technology to reach new horizons. Soon, we expect to create the first extraterrestrial habitat. Is there a better beginning than the Moon? The closest celestial body to the Earth is the gate to the future Space exploration. In her graduation project, Stanulova decided to create a Lunar Rover — Moon exploration crewed vehicle for 2040.