Tina Erman Popović is a graphic designer from Istria with more than ten years of experience in graphic design and the founder of Lastik studio. She is a Member of the Croatian Designers Association. Field of work: branding, visual identities, logo design, packaging design, publication design etc.
Children’s guide Predi, predi, hći moja (Spin, spin, my daughter) interprets a museum collection dedicated to the production of textile, clothing and footwear, as well as clothing styles and personal items. It is intended for children from the age of nine onwards.
The graphic design of this guide wants to highlight the topic of the collection, as well as intriguing children to learn about history, culture, tradition and customs of their homeland. For this reason, an exposed spine binding with visible threads was used, with a pocket sewn on the covers, designed to store a paper bookmark in the shape of a bat named “Šiško”, who guides children through the guide/collection.