Kištra is a design company from Zagreb. The core of our business is the design and production of interactive, handmade toys for children. We originate from the first toy manufacturing company in Zagreb – „Igračke Vavra“, from which we inherited a love for toys and quality handmade products. What makes our toys special is the purposeful design that helps to refine fine motor skills and develop each child's creative skills.
Gumbeki are modular plush toys that stimulate creativity and enhance motor skills through play. Each toy consists of several parts which are to be connected to each other with buttons in order to create a whole. The arrangement of different shapes helps to develop imagination and creativity.
Filceki are characters who are part of the DIY kit for making toys. Each set contains everything necessary for each child to make his or her toy by following the instructions.
Zmijice are fun plushies for toddlers and adults alike. They gained their popularity in the „Igračke Vavra“ toy shop, and are now returning with a new look.