Hibird Books is an independent publishing house, specialising in interactive books, special editions and artists' books. They are founded in 2018 by a graphic designer Hana Jesih & an architect Peter Plantan. Hana holds a Master's degree in Visual Communication Design of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and Peter graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. Hana mostly works in the field of editorial design and illustration. Peter also works at the architecture office Atelierarhitekti.
A gamebook is a collection of ancient abstract strategy board games. All selected games are redesigned to a unified graphical language. Each game has been refined to include only the essential elements necessary for gameplay. The box for game pieces is also the book's backbone that holds the pages together with magnetic binding. The booklet History & Rules are included on the back page of the book. The backside of four boards assembles a board game called Be Humble, specially designed and developed for this edition. A gamebook is an author project of the Hibird Books publishing house, made possible by Kickstarter supporters from 36 countries. Gamebook received the Brumen recognition for excellent Slovenian design 2019.