H3N1 is a Croatian-Serbian design mini-collective, founded by Nikolija Baretić and Helga Alaker, and joined by Helena Drkelić in early 2020. Under this synonym for recycling, designers who are connected by a common vision of sustainability in fashion design, create collections of unique garments, which resist the trends and laws of mass production. By design, they respond to the problem of reusing what is considered waste in textile production, and add new value to discarded and unused materials.
The collection called End Titles consists of eight models whose design is multifunctional, some pieces can be worn on both sides, and the models are additionally connected by the transmission of individual elements of the cut. In this way, designers promote fashion design based on reusability and partial personalization of the garment - which ultimately aims to reduce the accumulation of clothing, which has recently been the biggest problem of the fashion industry globally, and this challenge must be addressed individually. Using collages as a starting point, the possibilities of form are explored, and the up-cycling method is applied in the tailoring process. In the realization of the model, a combination of different materials and asymmetries of the cut is evident. The designers presented their personal attitude through thinking about the future of the garment. Guided by this, alternative solutions are offered, which include the way of tying the garment, positioning the pocket or changing the function, or changing the way of wearing. Pants consist of several parts of the socks that are detachable, so the socks can become sleeves and vice versa. Fashion drawings in the form of experimental collages show the appearance of ten models, of which six outfits were realized. The author of the photos from the application is Helena Drkelić, and the realized collection was photographed by Kristina Vrdoljak, the model is Natalija Vučetić, while Matea Čuljak is responsible for the make-up.