Grgo Petrov is a graphic designer with a passion for exploring, sharing, and creating stories and experiences that bring people together. The focus of his work is often illustration, photography, music, films, languages, writing, and travel. For the last few years, he’s been actively learning local Croatian idioms and researching their importance for the local Croatian heritage. By doing so, he is trying to help local communities preserve and promote their authentic culture, language, and identity.
Grgo Petrov believes that the identity of any community is primarily preserved in their local idioms and tradition. In losing them, we lose our history and authentic identity. Imbra Houstovnjak is an illustrated tale in the Kaikavian language of Marija Bistrica inspired by the local Croatian mythologies. It’s an answer to negative trends of a declining presence of dialects in public, alienation of the young native speakers, and a lack of appealing materials in modern media that can be used in education.