The idea for this competition was born in isolation in a small apartment, while I was separated from friends, colleagues, students, exhibition openings, social events and, in general, everyday life. On the one hand depressed, on the other hand trying to think of different options.
New situations need new solutions, and seeking clarification alone can be very difficult.
This was an invitation to all students to create visuals that give solidarity and support to all who are struggling in this complicated situation.
Mentor: Tomislav Bobinec
Award-winning students: Sarah Fruehwirt, Maximilian Bauer, Andrea Pfleger / Rosalie Siegl, Martina Nette / Kristina Sammer, Jean Reck
Students: Tim Alder, Laura Bauer, Michaela Bauer, Maximilian Bauer, Kevin Bodner, Melanie Bräuer, Lukas Diernberger, Anna Eber, Franziska Fruhstorfer, Sarah Frühwirt, Isabel Garger, Gloria Gietl, Carolin Gruber, Bianca Gschlecht, Kerstin Harrer, Vera Lin Nan, Luca Monnerjan, Martina Nette / Kristina Sammer, Anna Neuner, Aaron Nossek, Nikolaos Rafail Papadimas, Paul Petritsch, Andrea Pfleger / Rosalie Siegl, Georg Pilz, Jean Reck, Valentina Riedisser, Lucas Roßmann, Minna Rothbart, Sophie Scha Zmerekar, Jana Wild
The exhibition was realized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb.