Esma Hajdarpašić (b. 1998) graduated from High school of Photography and Design in Ljubljana in 2017 and is continuing her studies in the field of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. By being engaged in several other areas such as photography, film and graphic design, she participates in various exhibitions and projects. Currently lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Letter alpha symbolises the beginning; thus, the Alphahant aims to accompany a child from the first and most crucial steps of their life, to encourage the child's creative thinking and enhance personal development. The product is suitable for children aged three to five, as they are undergoing the process of developing their cognitive skills and motoric ability. The design of the Alphahant is minimalistic, and the conceptual idea behind it brings out its uniqueness. The product is made of cardboard, relatively cheap and environmentally friendly material, which serves as a canvas and therefore allows children to express themselves in various ways. It enables a child to draw, paint and create doodles that reflect upon the child's creative thinking. Due to its characteristics, Alphahant is light enough to be carried around, while also being used as a chair. It is a safe and affordable toy, made solely of recyclable cardboard.