Dizz Concept d.o.o. (formerly known as INKEA) has been working on interior furnishing and furniture production for over two decades. Our focus lies on sustainability and following ergonomic principles in our production, as well as making innovative solutions for small spaces.In recent years,we have become well-known in the world market for our innovative products that we export worldwide and have received over twenty prestigious design and innovation awards.
Office Shell is our latest concept, presented for the first time on Zagreb Design Week 2020. It's aim is to overcome the shortcomings of open plan offices as it allows social distancing, as well as microclimate regulation and a completely individually controlled work environment. Office Shell is a compact system occupying 4 m² of office space, enclosing a single workspace in a cylindrical booth with sliding doors. The materials used are natural, antibacterial and antistatic, following the principles of biophilic design.