Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić operates independently on various projects related to visual communications by bringing together a team of experts, depending on the needs of the project. Design Bureau carries the name of its Creative and Art Director, Izvorka Jurić, whose career goes back 20 years and includes numerous international awards and recognitions for successful projects in both Croatian and global markets.
As the problem was noticed that clients often do not know which insurance company they are insured, the task was to design a life insurance policy packaging that would increase the memory of signing and storing the policy of new Allianz clients. The packaging should also include a small gift, while communication and design should be consistent with Allianz's values and existing visual identity. "Life Carrying Package" was designed to carry a life insurance policy, a storage folder for an insurance policy, a gift pencil and a detachable part of the packaging containing seeds that could be planted. The packaging is designed to take up minimal space for storing, like a folded object, and after filling it with papers and forming it takes on an unusual 3D shape. The perforated front of the packaging can be detached, leaving a folder. The handle is formed into a folding cover. It contains all the necessary information regarding the Allianz company, in case of need for activation of the life insurance policy. The folder is made of recycled solid paper, suitable for more extended storage. The rest of the package, the perforated front, is made from seed paper that is plantable and fully biodegradable. It is possible to assemble an origami flower from the perforated part, which the user can then plant or rip the paper into smaller pieces and plant it in that way. The seeds in the article are a mix of sorts so they are suitable for growth in different areas and climatic conditions. The gift pencil contains a seed capsule at its end, so it can also be planted. The gift packaging is 100% biodegradable.