Clinica Studio is the leading studio in Croatia specializing in two specific areas of design: product design, with the emphasis on interactive interpretive exhibit design, and video and TV production. Founded in 2006, Clinica Studio has the creative staff of four. Our work covers areas of product design, industrial design, interactive design, exhibit design, and interior design.
The Visitor Centre is housed in the old building of a former lodge. The main topic is the interpretation of nature and the location where two rivers - Mura and Drava - intersect. The exhibition displays interactive mechanical and multimedia content and illustrations presenting the natural phenomena and cultural heritage of Međimurje. The scenography of the exhibition is set to present a stylized landscape of the course of the river, whose parts function as interpretative exhibits. A log cabin named Moj hrast Adam (My Oak Adam) is located outside the centre together with a playground named Rječica, holding toys and games along a fluid promenade reminiscent of the river course.
Co-authors of the permanent exhibition:
Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir, Muze d.o.o.; Vedran Kasap, Clinica studio d.o.o.; Marko Šesnić, Šesnić&Turković d.o.o.; Goran Turković, Šesnić&Turković d.o.o.; Vladimir Končar, Revolucija dizajna d.o.o.; Igor Pauška
Expert associate of the permanent exhibition :
Katarina Perić, produkt dizajner, Clinica studio d.o.o.(vanjski suradnik); Ozana Ursić, produkt dizajner, Clinica studio d.o.o. (vanjski suradnik); Zoran Šunjić, produkt dizajner, Clinica studio d.o.o. (vanjski suradnik); Andrea Sužnjević, grafički dizajner, Šesnić&Turković; Iva Sindik, grafički dizajner, Šesnić&Turković; Lea Fujs, muzeolog-interpretator, Muze d.o.o.; Mirna Draženović, muzeolog-interpretator, Muze d.o.o.; Mateja Kuka, muzeolog-interpretator, Muze d.o.o.
Production of permanent exhibition:
Development of audio-visual i textual sadržaja: Muze d.o.o.; Grafic design: Šesnić&Turković d.o.o.; Product, IT i multimedia design: Clinica studio d.o.o.; Light design: Kultura d.o.o.; Construction: Team građenje d.o.o.; Interior production: Primat RD d.o.o.; Audio Video Consulting d.o.o.; Novena d.o.o.; Pijole-G d.o.o.