Clinica Studio is the leading studio in Croatia specializing in two specific areas of design: product design, with the emphasis on interactive interpretive exhibit design, and video and TV production. Founded in 2006, Clinica Studio has the creative staff of four. Our work covers areas of product design, industrial design, interactive design, exhibit design, and interior design.
Rebel With a Vision – Vjenceslav Richter: A Retrospective
Richter was a rebel, a visionary, an architect, and a versatile artist whose fascinating oeuvre is presented through a selection of works created in the last fifty years. Many of these works earned international acclaim and are presented as models, blueprints, sculptures, drawings, and prints. Given that in his work he analyzed anti-gravity properties, the sculptures are set on stands whose structure gives the impression of floating in space. His fascinating, hand-drawn blueprints are placed in floodlit cabinets in order to emphasize the purity and precision of Richter’s work.
Exhibition design: Vedran Kasap, Ozana Ursić i Vladimir Končar
Exhibition curator: Vesna Meštrić