Candybalism is inspired by time spent in isolation during the Covid-19 virus. The only thing that stood out was the opportunity to spend time with ourselves, and the only option to go out is into the open natural clearings. An ideal time has come for us to re-examine and get to know our animus and anima more closely. Comfort, ecological sustainability and natural material are an imperative physical and stylistic reinterpretation of the world we are in today, and what is needed on our bodies. The capsule models are made with the most pleasing, natural materials and accents of graphic details. They represent the nature and different sides of our psychic. Models are conceived as feminine and unisex cuts and will contribute to our ease of movement and comfort in everyday life as well as symbolic connection with your introspective side.
Candybalism in collaboration with the dynamic female duo Sista Salute (Aklea Neon and Mirna Blondie) and the bombastic academic dancer Mio Zalukar presents the “ah la Lune” collection. The dance - gaz performance performs women, life and stages in a woman 's development. The performance presents a collection in an urban, free and lively spirit. The renowned salon She cuts your hair, with the aesthetic eye of the master Ivana Marušić, is in charge of the hairstyles, and our eco-friendly make-up artist Petra Sever is in charge of the make-up.