Andreja Lovreković and Ela Meseldžić are young designers, with masters degrees at School of Design. In their works, they often refer to traditional values of lifestyle, social interactions, subject environment and materials, and finding ways to reflect them in a contemporary context. In the final solutions, they focus on conveying and designing the atmosphere through concept and material. As a tandem they participated in various workshops: IKEA hacking, Bars are not obstacles, MADE IN Superlocal.
Bulrush is a plant that grows in wetlands. In Northern Croatia, in the vicinity of Lepoglava, it is part of a number of stories related to the historical, social and economic context.
Today, these stories are conveyed by the Zagoršćak family, which is involved in the entire cycle of the bulrush plant; from searching for it in the surrounding villages, picking, drying, and finally weaving it at the loom.
The focus of the Bulrush talks project is on optimizing the process that takes place after harvesting: traditional weaving at the loom is replaced with the production of new material obtained from remains of the bulrush plant, or bad quality bulrush plant. Their processing and mixing with binders has resulted in a new composite material exploring the modern uses of bulrush plants.
The cookbook contains simple recipes of processes of material production from the leftover of bulrush plant mixed with various binding agents and natural colorings.