Ana Pavičić from Požega, graduated from School of Design, Visual Communication in 2019. She received a recognition by the School of Design for her theatre poster for KRADU (Theatre Review of the Academy of Dramatic Arts), a special recognition from Croatian Designers Association at Croatian Design Exhibition 1718 for her work 'Interpretation of Music', and the School of Design Annual Award for her graduate thesis 'Visualization of Croatian Statutory Law'. She currently lives and works in Zagreb.
This project is composed of several different visualizations of Croatian statutory law, conceptualized as experiments in the field of visual communication and data visualization. Each visualization necessarily uniquely contributes to the topic. Laws are immensely complex, structurally and content-wise, and convey information that is key to everyday organization and functioning of the society. Therefore, the field of Croatian Statutory Law is ideal foundation for design research.
The solutions chosen for the final iteration of the project are meant to provide visual interpretations through experimentation, and not an optimal solution to the postulated problem.