ZGDW Award


Alen Lipuš is a designer who likes to draw and an illustrator who loves to design. He´s a proponent of comprehensive research and nearly unconditional freedom of expression. He values curiosity and a good sense of humour. Alen lives and works in Zagreb.
Growing up in the suburbs of Koprivnica, watching movies such as The Warriors and Hoop Dreams, gazing at movie scenes with views of New York and Chicago, he developed a fascination for big cities. For a 4-year-old kid, New York and Chicago were hard to reach so on a local level, Zagreb took their role. In the early days, a significant impact on him made TV-series Smogovci. Later on, that was Cibona and heritage of Dražen Petrović. Furthermore, discovering of Croatian new-wave music, Mirko Ilić´s comics and illustrations. Work of artists such as Zlatko Bourek and Boris Bućan. A glance at art nouveau facades and sunbeams on the basketball court in Kušlanova. In his world, Zagreb became an endless source of inspiration and energy.
I ❤ ZG series of illustrations is a first in a row of projects which describe the influence of Zagreb on his work.