At the Academy of Applied Arts undergraduate studies of applied arts and visual pedagogy are performed as well as the corresponding graduate studies. The study programs are fully aligned with the Bologna Process, adapted to the new reform guidelines and the ECTS credits system, which opens the door to Europe and the world for all students of the Academy. The entire study is based on a model of consultative and research teaching with a strongly emphasized component of individual student access.
The project Identity of the body in space is about researching the personal experience of the body and the space in which it resides. Identity search is at the core of this type of research and is evident in every segment of the decision that accompanies the performance of the work. The process of examining the role of the body in determining and experiencing space is based on individual perception and sensibility. The works were performed in recycled, sustainable, found and natural materials.
Mentor: Associate Professor Nenad Roban
Exhibitors: Ivana Barić, Martina Barić, Ornela Domijan, Nikolina Janjić, Karlo Laić, Bojana Modalek, Katarina Musap, Ivana Sikirić