University North

Media Design, an undergraduate and graduate art program at the University North in Koprivnica, was founded in 2012 as a part of the University of Media. As a university program, Media Design in Koprivnica encompasses a wider field of teaching and education within the area of design, which, throughout the five-year program, includes drawing, graphic design, web design, photography, television, sound management, animated movies, illustration, scenography, and film. At this year's Zagreb Design Week, they are presenting the works of Media Design students who were mentored by doc. art. Igor Kuduz, doc. art. Andra Giunia, and doc. art. Niko Mihaljević in 2018/2019. The works were created during the undergraduate courses of Typography, Promotional Design, and the graduate courses of Postdigital Publishing and Visualization of Information.
Mentors: doc. art. Igor Kuduz, doc. art. Andro Giunio i
doc. art. Niko Mihaljević
Participating: Marina Štefančić, Valentina Blagušević, Lea
Kukmanović, Ema Matica, Mirjana Debeljak, Alen Dumić, Magdalena
Krištofić, Ana Medvedec, Leona Vertuš, Vanja Šok