26.9. – 1.10.2023

Ijan Prelac


Zagreb Fair
WED 17.00-22.00
THU-SUN 11.00-22.00

The design is dedicated to the Sušak Pupils Dorm, inspired by the place that I myself called home during my high school education at the School of Applied Arts (ŠPUR) in Rijeka. It was only natural and inevitable that I would undertake the redesign to bring freshness and youthful spirit to the space.My creative journey began by assembling a mosaic of elements that symbolize the city of Rijeka and Sušak.

The Rijeka skyscraper, cranes, clock, and sea motifs merged to create a unique composition that reflects the characteristics of the residence and its location. The primary color of orange, always present in Sušak, was retained, carrying a strong visual identity.

The project's visual identity encompasses many aspects, with the most prominent being the new logo. It exudes freshness and a youthful spirit befitting a student residence. Of course, I haven't forgotten about other design elements that will be used daily in the residence - business cards, memorandums, envelopes, and maps - each carefully crafted to complete the overall visual image.Photography, social media appearance, website design, and mobile applications have all been meticulously planned and defined, ensuring recognizability across all media channels.I take great pride in my creativity and dedication poured into creating a visual identity that breathes life into the residence, ensuring that every student feels a sense of belonging and inspiration.



Ijan Prelac was born in Čakovec in 2000. High school education ends at ŠPUR in Rijeka in 2019. He is a third-year visual communication design student at the University of Algebra in Zagreb. So far, he has presented independently at the National University of Sesvete in April 2023. In his spare time, he is engaged in the creation of visual identities, info-graphics and graphic design. He best describes his works as a place where words turn into deeds.

Project name Sušak Pupils Dorm
Year 2023.
Client Algebra University College
Mentor Assistant Professor Siniša Bogdanović PhD
Design Ijan Prelac
Zagreb Fair
TUE 17.00-22.00
WED-SUN 11.00-22.00


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