26.9. – 1.10.2023



Zagreb Fair
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The concept of the collection revolves around discovering the essence of things beyond their superficial appearance, allowing uniqueness and authenticity to shine through. In the collection threads take center stage, beckoning viewers on a contemplative journey of self-discovery and connection to the shared human experience. Through thread structures woven into our designs, we interweave the essence of people, the transformative power of nature, and the harmonious fusion of various Asian cultural influences.

The inspiration is also the interconnectedness of individuals, inviting wearers to explore the layers of their own stories. The design embodies the transformative nature of threads, symbolizing the transformative power of embracing imperfections and finding beauty in the intricacies of life. The textile embodies the harmonious fusion of intricate thread and structures. The collection is made of 4 men's sets and 2 women's sets, which are also unisex.


Maria Popova began her career studying fashion design at New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Through her education, she has participated in many national and international competitions and fashion shows. Such as showcase for the fashion house "Etere", first place in the competition for women's fashion collection for knitting company "Kris Fashion", design of women's fashion collection for "Renault Bulgaria", international competition "Heimtextil", design-making man's shirt - finalist, ITS 2013. Participation in the fashion master class with Gunda Bornkessel and Nelly Miteva. In her second year, she earned her first prize for her design inspired by Art Deco, in the Triumph Inspiration Award 2011 Bulgaria and she won a special prize. In her third year, she was a finalist again in the Triumph Inspiration Award 2012 Bulgaria, with her design inspired by Chinese architecture. At the end of her education became part of the finalists of the contest Mittelmoda Fashion Award 2013, with her women's fashion collection inspired by Fifty Shades of Gray ( in X-ray ).

Maria completed his master's degree under the direction of Veselin Yordanov and Nikolay Pachev, famous Bulgarian designers and stylists. When Maria Popova is designing, she is inspired by different approaches, experimenting with texture and shape, architecture, and color.



Gergana Dimova has done her Master of Fashion Design and Business Strategies at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria. During her studies, she participated in numerous projects and presentations. Some of them were: Project "Thracian Legends ", various publications, Exhibitions, Film-Review "Cinema, Cinema ", and Project "Body-Art ". She won 2nd place in the National competition for junior clothing under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and did a Christmas Fashion show of the NBU. She was in the final of the international competition "Heimtextil", a design-making man's shirt. 

She won competitions such: as a showcase for the fashion house "Etere", knitwear design for the company “Piros", winner of the competition to “Kris Fashion”, womenswear Knitwear design, design of official clothes for bank “Paribas", design, and manufacture of women's fashion collection for "Renault Bulgaria”, etc.

She won the Special Prize of the "Triumph Inspiration Award 2011 Bg; Triumph Inspiration Award 2012 Bg – finalist; Mittelmoda Fashion Award 2013 – finalist;  Mittelmoda Fashion 2014 -2015 finalist. She did an Internship at EVGENIA POPOVA Studio 2015 – 2017 and at MD House 2017 -2018. She participated in a Master Class with Veselin Yordanov in collaboration with Boryna Vutova and Jordan Ginkov.


Their brand LENÉCRA is not only a fashion project – this is a philosophy connected with accepting the sacral nature of life and the awakening of the consciousness. Through a deep connection with nature and its elements, LENÉCRA inspires you to raise your own unique wild nature and revive your true essence.

Project name Shibumi
Year 2023.
Client Self-initiated project
photography Alex Manchev , Radoslav Deliychev
Zagreb Fair
TUE 17.00-22.00
WED-SUN 11.00-22.00