26.9. – 1.10.2023

26.9. – 1.10.2023

26.9. – 1.10.2023

University of Zagreb The Faculty of Graphic Arts

Reason and emotions

Zagreb Fair
WED 17.00-22.00
THU-SUN 11.00-22.00

The Faculty of Graphic Arts of the University of Zagreb is a public institution of higher education that organizes and conducts study courses and is engaged in scientific and expert work in the area of engineering sciences, the field of graphic engineering. The objective of the study of the Faculty of Graphic Arts is to achieve, develop, and transfer knowledge, for the education of students, scientists, and experts for active inclusion in the new trends of development of graphic technology and design. The study program based on the Bologna process covers three levels: 1. Undergraduate study course 2. Graduate study course 3. Postgraduate Study Course in Graphic Engineering and Graphic Product Modelling. Students are educated to work on the design and engineering of graphic products, the development of communication criteria for graphic design, as well as the testing and optimization of graphic materials.


The exhibition of students from the Faculty of Graphic Arts provides an opportunity for contemplation on the nature of emotions, creativity, and the essence of human creation. The displayed student works guide us through reflections on the relationship between technology, art, and design. While some works demonstrate how the boundaries of creativity can be expanded with the help of technology, others rely on traditional methods to convey powerful visual stories and innovative concepts.
Faced with works created using generative tools, we encounter new challenges and open the floor for discussion. Is it possible for artificial intelligence, devoid of human emotions, to still create messages that evoke the same level of empathy? Can a machine recognize the depth of human experience and convey it to us? Does it really matter to us who the author is - a human or a machine? This exhibition doesn't provide definitive answers, but encourages thinking and discussion on these topics. The aim is to show that, although technology provides new ways of expression, human creativity remains irreplaceable and unique. Ultimately, the exhibition reflects how tradition and innovation can coexist, enriching the world of graphic design and offering new perspectives and possibilities.


List of students and titles of their works:
Ana Ljubić “Iz nutra”
Dario Zagorac “Unutarnji glas”
Dorotea Maretić “Gledaj srcem”
Leon Ginder “Dream Expeditions”
AI & I REASON AND EMOTIONS Some of the works presented at the exhibition were created as part of the course "Application of Digital Photography in Reproductive Media" at the graduate program of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts. In this course, students are encouraged to independently explore themes and ideas through the form of short films or photo essays, using creative photographic techniques. The photo essays selected for display at this year's Zagreb Design Week exhibition revolve around human emotions and personal inner states. The students embraced the challenge of the theme "AI & I" and experimented with various AI tools to generate images aimed at conveying emotions captured in the photographs. Mentor: Prof. Dr. Maja Strgar Kurečić

List of students and their work titles:
Toni Dominović: Redesign of Podravka Cubes packaging
Dorotea Maretić: Redesign of Tabasco packaging
Leon Ginder: Redesign of soap packaging
Mia Šaban: Redesign of Fenistil packaging
The posters showcase redesigns of packaging created as part of the course "Realization of Conceptual Solutions 2" in the graduate program at the University of Zagreb's Faculty of Graphic Arts. The students redesigned the original packaging within the course. Subsequently, they used various AI models to generate new elements that were incorporated into the new design version (on the right). The packaging was designed using the EngView Packaging Suite software, specialized for packaging design and planning.
Course Leader: Prof. Dr. Maja Brozović Mentor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Josip Bota

POSTER Hrvoje Karaman: "Gama" An interactive prototype of a gamified mobile application for learning mathematics, designed as part of Hrvoje Karaman's graduate thesis titled "The Impact of Gamification on the User Experience of Educational Games for Elementary School Students."
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Jesenka Pibernik

POSTER Noa Nježić: "Out of Your Mind" The poster depicts a scene from an imaginary world where human emotions and thoughts are represented as visible entities, called "Visuals." Such an entity is connected to the girl in the comic strip scenes and visually transforms based on the emotion the girl is experiencing. In this way, emotions are portrayed literally, visibly, allowing the characters to express their inner states clearly. The upper part of the poster features the author's depiction, while the lower part contains AI-generated content used to represent the characters and the desired emotion.
Course: Visual Communications Mentor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daria Mustić

MOTION GRAPHICS (digital format only - TV)
Mario Malenica: "Groove" Ivana Boban: "Coabaan: bean to bar" Mila Mihaljević: “Slatki špil” Lucija Kliman: "Rizes"
Some of the works displayed at the exhibition were created as part of the "Motion Graphics" course in the graduate program at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts. In this course, students create animations as promotional messages for the packaging design of a selected product. Mentors: Prof. Dr. Jesenka Pibernik, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jurica Dolić

Zagreb Fair
TUE 17.00-22.00
WED-SUN 11.00-22.00


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