26.9. – 1.10.2023

Sentimental Bikes


Zagreb Fair
WED 17.00-22.00
THU-SUN 11.00-22.00

Do you remember the moment you first put your foot on the pedal? Those times when your bike was an airplane, your wings carrying you into endless adventures as you rode down the street?Life's fast pace, adult responsibilities, and obligations have made us forget the carefree joy of riding a bike, like a child.

I'm Dule, the founder and creative director of SentiMental Bikes, and I still carry that childhood feeling with me. My journey began in a small workshop where imagination and inspiration flourished! Not long ago, I dared to envision a simple, fun, and unique e-bike.

With my team's help, I turned my imaginative sketches into reality. Now, let me introduce you to the newest members of the SentiMental family – NOOGAT and PRALINA!NOOGAT has a BMX-like frame, and PRALINA can even be ridden while wearing a dress! Each bike is meticulously handcrafted in our workshop in Daruvar, tailored to your desires and customized using our online configurator. Here's something exciting - you can even preview it up close using AR.Our bikes are special and unique, just like you. When you hop on NOOGAT or PRALINA, you'll rediscover those feelings of freedom and joy as you ride. It's time to revive that childlike happiness and curiosity every time you grab the handlebars, sit on the saddle and pedal away.Let's create memories, ride on the wings of nostalgia, passion, and true happiness. Let's be SentiMental... together.


Duško Ilijević, designer and founder of SentiMental Bikes, alongside Ivan Ignatovski, a versatile industrialist and investor, form the creative force behind this brand. They are among the first in the world to introduce a mass-produced e-bike that can be customized by the end-user through the configurator on the website www.sentimental.bike and delivered to their doorstep within a few days.The duo has formed a team of enthusiasts with skilled hands, minds, and hearts, mostly from Ivan's company P.O.D., which has been manufacturing components in the agricultural industry for over half a century, serving a large circle of satisfied clients worldwide.Together, under the SentiMental Bikes brand, they enter the market as a young but experienced team, offering intriguing, designer lifestyle e-bikes and e-mopeds to the global market. Following a successful world premiere at the Eurobike trade show held in Frankfurt in June this year, SentiMental Bikes is now introducing itself to the Croatian public for the first time during the Zagreb Design Week. You will meet NOOGAT and PRALINA, compact urban modular e-bikes with irresistible charm and impressive specifications, such as a range of 90 kilometers on a single charge.SentiMental Bikes are hand crafted in Europe, in Croatia, at their own facility in Daruvar!

Project name NOOGAT & PRALINA by SentiMentalBikes
Year 2022.
Client Self-initiated project
Design Sentimental Bikes
Zagreb Fair
TUE 17.00-22.00
WED-SUN 11.00-22.00


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