26.9. – 1.10.2023



Zagreb Fair
WED 17.00-22.00
THU-SUN 11.00-22.00

The municipality of Brtonigla-Verteneglio is an unique area in the Istrian region where four different types of soil meet — black, red, white and grey. Locals have been living off of this unique wonder of nature for centuries, using it for the development of agriculture and hospitality. Whole appeal of this attractive gastronomic destination starts from the land.

That’s why, out of desire of the Development Agency and the Tourist Board of Brtonigla to connect all the local farmers, L’ortolano (meaning: farmer) sprouted — a brand that unites local products and promotes the tourist destination in a sustainable way.

The symbol of L’ortolano was tailored from Brtonigla’s two main assets — the four colors of the land and the hand of the devoted local farmer. The name was accompanied by a slogan that represents the essence of the brand which is that it’s all about the products made By our hand, from our land. The four colors of visual identity meet together on all branding materials, from personal business cards for farmers and restaurant owners, to serving plates made out of local soil, and all the way to cards for briškula.


Señor is an independent full-service agency for communication and branding which combines smart strategies, innovative concepts and outstanding executions and package them into non-spam communication that’s people-relevant and result-oriented. In its ten years of work, the agency has won many national, regional and global awards: Effie Grand Prix Croatia 2022, Agency of the Year at IdejaX 2021, The most efficient independent agency in Croatia according to the Global Effie Index in 2019, Agency of the Year at BalCannes 2018, bronze at MIXX Awards Europe 2017, Grand Prix for digital campaign of the year at MIXX Croatia 2016, Best packaging in the region at Regpak 2016… In 2023, the most comprehensive global ranking of marketing effectiveness, the Global Effie Index, declared Señor the most effective agency in Croatia and the 26th most effective independent agency in the world.

Project name L'ortolano
Year 2023.
Client Brtonigla Development Agency
Design Señor
Zagreb Fair
TUE 17.00-22.00
WED-SUN 11.00-22.00


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