26.9. – 1.10.2023

Gaja Hanzel


Zagreb Fair
WED 17.00-22.00
THU-SUN 11.00-22.00

Eternal balance

Since 2019, Gaja has dedicated her talent to crafting sustainable fashion accessories, with a particular focus on bags, under her brand Fi by Gaja. Her goal is to contribute to a better, more environmentally friendly future in fashion, which is why she embraces the principles of slow and ethical fashion in her designs. The Eternal balance collection is inspired by the fashion and glamorous film period from the 1920s to 1930s, Slovenian actress Ita Rina, and other successful actresses like Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and Rita Hayworth.

It consists of three handbags and three silk scarves. The bags are like intimate sculptures, marked by a soft fold that gives them a special sensuality, or by an exact form that gives them elegance and sublime austerity. Although they have the memory of the 1920s - 1930s period, they are timeless, sustainably aware and refined.

They follow the essence of the Fi by Gaja brand and are suitable for the modern woman. The scarves are made from silk and they add softness and femininity to the whole collection.

Gaja meticulously researches and selects sustainable, innovative, and plant-based materials. She prioritizes materials that are friendly to people, animals, and the environment. The bags from the Eternal balance collection are made from Desserto, a sustainable alternative to leather made from cactus.


Gaja Hanzel, a fashion and graphic designer born in 1988, is the visionary behind the sustainable fashion brand Fi by Gaja. From a young age, she felt a creative restlessness that guided her towards the world of design. Gaja pursued her studies in fashion and graphic design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana, where she graduated in 2011 with a degree in fashion design and in 2016 with a Master's degree in Graphic and Interactive Communications. She received the Faculty Prešern Prize for her master's"Typographic Textile Curtain" (commissioned by the Kosovelov dom Sežana). Since 2018, she has been self-employed as a designer in culture, and a year later her fashion brand Fi by Gaja was launched. In 2019 she received the Bronze A' Design Award for the logo and visual identity of her gallery Ana & Gaja Art Gallery. In 2020, her cellulose handbag collection One More Time was awarded the Made in Slovenia Badge of Excellence by the Centre for Creativity and the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Project name Eternal balance
Year 2021.
Client Self-initiated project
Design Gaja Hanzel
Zagreb Fair
TUE 17.00-22.00
WED-SUN 11.00-22.00