26.9. – 1.10.2023

the Izidor Kršnjavi Gallery

CREATIVE INCUBATOR Exhibition of the Department of Textiles students’ works

Exhibition pavilion of the Zagreb Botanical Garden hosting ISO – the Izidor Kršnjavi Gallery



With this exhibition, the Department of Textiles presents the creativity of students over the past few years. Displaced to the School's gym since the 2020 earthquake, we have focused our creative options on the achievable, but also the essential. In reduced working conditions, dedicated to feasible and unfeasible forms of action, we have found ourselves forced to be creative in this new situation. Group and individual works were produced through the synergy of our creative incubator. The cacophony of classroom sounds created a new perspective. We create, dream, learn and tolerate, all at the same time, because we don't know any other way anyway. In seemingly impossible conditions, the impossible became possible. The initial shock was replaced by curiosity, experimentation, adaptation, perseverance. We painted our hangar of creativity with textures and shapes of collective thoughts and ideas. With this exhibition, we want to show that we are able, and that we do not lack will and desire to come up with solutions for design. Desire to create through threads, colours, textures and artistic shaping of space and time. The time we live in is different, accelerated, unpredictable. Every day is a challenge. The challenge of space, emotional situations, a creative record of what we are and what we can be. A record of togetherness, tolerance, respect. The department presents its works with the experience of using technology and coming up with creative solutions. We have transformed the corridors of the gym into a laboratory where, under the mentorship of teachers, the tones and colours of personal ideas are created. Threads and materials are transformed into functional forms, such as bags, clothing and other unique flat or three-dimensional functional or decorative objects. Tradition, independence and creative thinking are nurtured. Originality.

We recycle. We paint. We investigate.

The projects, the abecedary of textile ideas, are rooted in tradition. Step by step, we present to you what we know best. The composition of lines, colours, surfaces. A rhythmic play of tones, textures. Spatial relations turned into projects and stories told through textiles. With this exhibition, we want to show that with a lot of will, effort and love, the imagined is achievable. A three-year absence from our home has not stopped us. This exhibition presents all subjects from the sophomore to the senior year. They are all connected, because an idea cannot exist without realization, just as there is no realization without an idea. With the exhibition, we want to present the best from these three years of absence. Behind us is a lot of effort, a lot of trying, searching, and finally finding good and quality solutions. We are happy to share our experience with you. The works were created with the intention of leaving a textile mark on the path of artistic or personal achievement of each individual.

Anita Parlov


Nives Adžaga, Ivan Brekalo, Ulla Cinčić, Lara Franić, Jaga Franić Medvešek, Nora Fric, Luna Fuchs, Lucija Glamuzina, Arita Glava, Asja Grakalić, Lara Jagoić, Helena Jakšić, Hanna Jovanov, Gabriela Kevrić, Ira Klabot, Kiara Loulou Klanjčić, , Franka Kos, Maja Krezić  Semmy Kuserbanj Debeljak, Viktor Kušlan, Marta Lisec Ložnjak, , Bruna Lešina, Hanna Jovanov, Ester Mabel Marčeta, Lea Martini, Dina Mujakić Fran Perkov, Lovro Petrov, Nika Poslek, Eva Plivelić, Dorotea Raljić, Leonarda Rajković, Nino Clay Rendulić, Gabriela Salvador, Iris Saračević , Ida Šeba, Magdalena Šikić, Tia Tomašević, Antonio Valetić, Demian Vojnović, Viola Vukman i Ramona Zglavnik


Ines Fey Gjurin, prof. savjetnik; Ljiljana Hajdarović. prof. savjetnik, Koraljka Karabotić, Milovac, prof; Nikolina Knežević Hrgović, prof.; Anita Parlov, prof.; Nikolina Punjek Duđak, prof.; Jadranka Ratkajec Krajnović, prof. savjetnik., Anđela Zanki , prof.



ISO - Izložbeni salon Izidor Kršnjavi Trg Republike Hrvatske 11, Zagreb

Botanički vrt PMF-a Trg Marka Marulića 9A, Zagreb

Izdavač: Škola primijenjene umjetnosti i dizajna, Zagreb

Za izdavača: Filip Pintarić

Voditeljica ISO-a: Dinka Pavelić

Voditeljica projekata ISO-a: Bernarda Cesar

Asistenti ISO-a: Igor Blaha, Andro Grdinić

Savjet ISO-a: Martina Božić, Marija Juza, Irena Kraševac, Vinka Mortigjija Anušić, Matej Pašalić, Filip Pintarić, Ivan Skvrce

Postav izložbe: Anita Parlov 

Operativna podrška: Ines Fey Gjurin, Ljiljana Hajdarović, Koraljka Karabotić Milovac, Nikolina Knežević Hrgović, Nikolina Punjek Duđak, Anđela Zanki

Koordinacija ispred Botaničkog vrta PMF-a: Vanja Stamenković

Predgovor: Anita Parlov

Fotografija: Odjel tekstila / 

Tehnička podrška: Dejan Črep, Nenad Weltinger

Hvala: dr. sc. Vanja Stamenković