26.9. – 1.10.2023


Radno vrijeme
Beginning of 2023 designer Antonija Majstorović opened her The Storytelling gallery «Antonija.M» was opened in Zagreb at the beginning of 2023 by designer Antonija Majstorović. She's been creating and developing brands for international corporate clients for over 20 years witnessing the impact stories have on people – both, the ones we listen to as well the ones we tell. 2 years ago, after the pandemic and all the toll it took on people's mental health, she decided it was time to bring new stories to people. A story can fit into a word, book, or object. A story isn't defined by its shape, but its power to transform. Antonija creates her stories at the intersection of art, design, and storytelling, through sculptures, graphics, books, and decorative art objects. Always showcasing high-end craftsmanship (design), unique visual handwriting (art), and above all strong messages (storytelling). Antonija uses part of the space as her atelier, or as she likes to call it «her playground». Aside from giving you a peek into her creative process the huge windows also function as a stage for setting up artistic compositions and ideas. The gallery is envisioned as a space that will make you think, feel, and heal. The idea of the gallery is to offer people different content and experiences, far away from the fast-exchanging imagery of the screen where time is measured in fractures of seconds. A storytelling gallery is like a spacious book. You open the book covers (aka the gallery door) and lose yourself curiously wandering through another world, ideas, and messages. The 1 wish Antonija has is for the people to walk out of the gallery with a smile on their face, a few milimiters taller, filled with hope, seeing the beauty of life. As the gallery slogan perfectly sums it up the gallery serves «Food for the Soul, Feast for the Eyes».