Tire Calligraphy

Lungomare Art, created as part of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture, is a cultural and tourist route along which art meets people. As a part of the project, 9 works of art are being placed in 9 locations along the Kvarner coast. The visual identity reflects these meeting points (9N = 9 works […]

Stela Negro

Although the word hive (Japanese Haibu) is commonly used to describe the nest of any bee community, the scientific and professional literature distinguishes a nest from a hive. The hive is used to describe an artificial structure to house the nests of honey bees. The internal structure of the nest is a densely packed group […]


Indšel is a creation in which we question the relationship between the body and clothing elements through bodily denial and affirmation. The project is designed as direct research of the cut-through selected elements, where the approach in the assembly of the model resembles the approach in sculpture. The cuts were researched unconventionally, without sketches and […]

Nikolina Krstičević

Come sit textile chair is a depiction of the artist’s inner world and tangled thoughts. While creating with textiles, the artist meditates and “sits“ with her thoughts. She rearranges, analyzes and later materializes them in the form of tangled textile hands. The more she sits with her thoughts, the more loving and accepting they become, […]

Mihaela Brajković

The [Hidden] 3 fashion collection is the result of questioning the phenomenon of affirmation and negation of the body. The affirmation of the body is processed through the clothing fashion silhouette of 1990. Jean Paul Gaultier conical basket corset. In the fashion design of the [Hidden] 3 collection, the corset has been transformed by dislocation […]