Media design

Media design is the name of the undergraduate and graduate art study at the University of the North in Koprivnica, which has existed since 2012. As a study it covers a wide field of teaching and education. From drawing and composition, through the development and awareness of creative processes and visual communications, to graphic design, […]

Faculty of Architecture, Study of Design

The way we were is an assemblage of works made by undergraduate and graduate Industrial Design students of the academic year 2020/21, realized through a model, experiment or prototype. Its horror vacui composition aims to show the diversity of processes, materials and approaches of individual authors, at the same time moving away from the idea […]

Zagreb School of Business

Zagreb School of Business was established in 2008 and offers three study programs, of which students of Cultural Management and Production, as well as Marketing and Communication, are represented with their works. We strive to make future managers especially sensitive to the broad field of design and prepare them to manage design projects and teams. […]

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology

Separately or together? Modular seating furniture with various postal services provides intimacy and separate work on the computer or socializing in the waiting rooms. At the same time, furniture pages can serve as space for advertising and exhibitions. At the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, students of the study Design of Wood Products and […]

Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka

During these very turbulent times, our attitude towards the body, space and the objects we use every day inevitably, but noticeably, has changed. Blindness to the technology and products of industrial society has become questionable as it becomes increasingly clear that the neglected biosphere is equivalent to our survival on the planet. We have always […]