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resilience / otpornost

The theme of Zagreb Design Week 2021 is Resilience. The topic reflects on the specific circumstances that have marked our lives in the past two years. Pandemics, isolation, earthquakes, fear and insecurity have prompted us to address resilience.

We want to look positively into the future, take the opportunity to change things, build better, more stable, more sustainable, greener, more humane, smarter things and systems, which will help us become more resistant to all the disturbances in the future.


partner country

The exhibition “Bounce back” by Dutch curators Marleen van Bergeijk and Lisa Hardon comments on the topic of this year’s festival “resilience” from the perspective of Dutch design. The documentary film “It’s Dutch Design” by Elbe Stevens talks about the global phenomenon of style that emerged in the 1990s as a reaction to the then prevailing traditional approach to design.

zgdw awards


tekstil i modni dizajn
Textile and Fashion Design
produkt dizajn
Product design
Social Innovation Design
društvene inovacije
Digital Communication Design and Interaction Design
Interior Design
Graphic design


made in sloveniA

Fresh selection of products of modern Slovenian design, local ingredients and sustainable principles! The presented products and services represent a fusion of creativity and business vision. We emphasize the stories of small brands that provoke functionality, passion for life and nature, innovative ways of using local materials, wood in particular and new production techniques supported by regional facilities and advanced techniques of sustainable production.
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