The theme of this year’s Food Design exhibition is Life and Life After Death, and it deals with the life cycle of food. Starting with seed as the beginning of life, its dispersal and cultivation, through the consumption of food and our relationship with food, all the way to its end - the decomposition of food and its “afterlife.” The circular motion of the exhibition space introduces us to all phases of the cycle, as well as with design solutions that the cycle has inspired.
One part of the exhibition belongs to the Austrian duo, Sonja Stummerer, and Martin Hablesreiter, better known as Honey & Bunny, aside from them, a few other European designers will exhibit their works as well, those who decided to give food scraps another chance. Besides the exhibitors, we will also host lecturers that will introduce us to their relationship with food and design.

The author of the exhibition: Paula Šantić



Elzelinde van Doleweerd and Vita Broeken

Ella Bulley


Tina Princ

Kosuke Araki