Studio Trumpić : Prenc

Anselmo Tumpić, a creative director and Sara Prenc Opačić, an account manager are co-owners of the Tumpić/Prenc visual communication studio. After years of experience with working for biggest local and foreign marketing agencies, the duo decided to join forces and embark on a joint business venture. In 2016 they established a studio with the objective of providing maximum quality of creative communication services and products to a wide range of clients. At this year’s Zagreb Design Week they will be presenting their innovative design of an olive oil bottle. An old ancestor of the product’s owner worked for years in the fields of the Istrian Italians, the so-called Latini. One time he received a plaid shirt as his daily wage and the villagers started calling him Latin. That is how the bottle got its plaid “garment” accompanied by a note of the family history. The idea behind the design of the bottle is that the future lies in the return to one’s roots, and the fact that more and more of today’s customers are turning to traditional values. The future is built on the foundations of tradition, and the design of this bottle tells a centuries-old family story.