Kristina Lugonja and Filip Havranek are industrial designers from Zagreb that have been working together since 2012. They have collaborated with renowned local and foreign companies as well as local architects on interior design projects. They have won several local as well as international awards, including two Red Dot awards for product design and lighting design. They founded Spacetime in order to create new kinds of products for a new generation of architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts. At Zagreb Design Week they will be presenting their device called Pluto, which is the result of a consideration of an increasingly important topic: the space and the different ways of storing personal data. Despite the development of cloud computing, there is still a need for external storage, something which is often neglected by designers. Pluto is an organically shaped SSD device with a polished surface that changes its appearance depending on the environment, thus emphasizing the abstract nature of data. Because the casing is made from solid aluminum, the entire surface of the drive acts as one large heat sink for SSD chips.