Sara Pavleković Preis

Sara Pavleković Preis was born in Zagreb in 1993. In 2017, at the Faculty of Architecture she graduated design studies and holds an MA degree. She exhibits on various exhibitions as a member of the group and by herself since the beginning of the studies and in the year 2018 she has won the award for her master thesis (Polygon-Platform for Multisensory Learning) at the Croatian Design Exhibition 1718, in the category for concept, initiative, critical design. On Zagreb Design Week she exhibits a work called The State. The State is an educational board game that helps in developing and popularizing discussion and critical thought with the aim of better understanding a certain topic, primarily a philosophical one. An ideal state is almost impossible to create. The cards contain dialogues developed into questions on the one side while on the other side are answers that force the player to think about the answer. Characters in this game – rulers, soldiers and slaves have to make it to a certain function in the state they’re in, in order for that state to become the ideal one. The given context and discussion influence the answers and the more the answer is alike to Platon’s, the sooner an ideal state is formed. The new methodology re-examines the problem of development of a critical thought and a discussion of a certain topic, therefore shows potential for furthering this concept on other literature as well. The project was created with the aim of exploring new mechanisms of learning and ways of thinking about the world around an individual.