Petra Salarić

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Product Design at the School of Design in Zagreb, Petra worked as an intern at several placements and had various jobs – from fashion and photography to political design. She is currently completing a master’s degree at the Delft University of Technology where she uses design methods in order to enhance the quality of life in the context of developing countries. Her work mainly focuses on the sphere of design centered on behavior change and social design. She also pursues photography. At this year’s Zagreb Design Week, she will present her “fooda” brand. The fooda brand was created to present the food sharing experience as trendy, while simultaneously strengthening the sense of community and mutual care within the community. The idea behind the brand was to overcome the emotional and physical obstacles tied to food sharing through design. If we portray food sharing as a trendy, pro-social behaviour, it becomes appealing to society. This alone reduces the impact of the strain and cost of aid. The fooda brand consists of a shopping bag and a mobile application. The fooda bag comes in a combination of two colours and has a small window shaped as a post stamp and designed for sharing messages between the users. The fooda app enables giving the food away, accepting the food, and volunteering to deliver food to those in need, who are not (physically) able to do so themselves.