OmoLab is a visual communication laboratory founded by Petar Reić, a graphic engineer with an MA in Journalism and Public Relations, in collaboration with a designer and typographer Marko Hrastovec who developed fonts for people with dyslexia. They created OmoType fonts accompanied by a free OmoReader app. The combination of OmoType and OmoReader makes for the most powerful tool in helping people with dyslexia to read and it changes the way these people approach their social life as well as their education. OmoType fonts are specially designed for people with dyslexia and reading disorders who need fonts adjusted to their needs. OmoReader enables this adjustment and it ensures a more pleasant reading experience. We are mostly dealing with visionaries that have a highly developed imagination, which is why their empowerment and the creation of a positive surroundings, especially when it comes to children who are often stigmatized by their peers, is created in terms of a mutual visual language.