Mia Dragičević i Sara Dobrijević

Mia Dragičević and Sara Dobrojević are third-year students of Industrial Design at the School of Design in Zagreb. They started collaborating on their second year, primarily on self-initiated projects. At the time, they worked as a part of a bigger team and concluded that they function really well as a duo because they are interested in similar spheres of design – sustainability, social design, and interdisciplinarity. At the Zagreb Design Week, they will present their project "Period." Period is a system of products designed for feminine hygiene care during the menstrual cycle. This product represents a step toward normalizing a natural biological phenomenon. Moreover, it promotes the use of reusable cloth pads while encouraging self-care and ecological awareness at the same time. The product consists of a cleaning body, drying box, and cloth pads. The ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetics of the product are carefully thought out to ease its use entirely.