Lucija Sever

Lucija Sever was born in 1991 in Sisak and is currently in her final year of master's degree in industrial design. She will be presenting her speculative design project called Levita which focuses on the future of education. The system itself is interactive and it is based on the use of the future potential of magnetic levitation, holograms and artificial intelligence. With its two-part system Levita represents a platform which enables the learning of multiple subjects and notions while at the same time encouraging collaboration, interactivity, and exploration in students. The first part of the system is made of multiple levitating, interactive and smart spheres that use light to connect and enable the learning of physics and mathematics at all levels. The second part contains a smart levitating ring enclosing two elastic membranes. Holograms from the ring can be projected on the membranes which can also be used as a surface for studying the effects of gravity. Also, by blowing air between the two membranes an interactive globe can be created, suited for learning the notions of history, geography and astronomy.