Lucija Rubinić

Lucija Rubinić obtained a master’s degree in Industrial design at the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Apart from her full-time job as a product designer in the advertisement industry, she also freelances in graphic design, industrial design, interior design, and is especially interested in furniture design and lighting design. At Zagreb Design Week, she is presenting a floor lamp with integrated sensor technology. In times of dehumanization and alienation, the light becomes a medium which opens new ways of perceiving and understanding of one’s own existence in space. The floor lamp, with integrated sensor technology, responds to human stimuli, such as movement, touch, sound, and emotion, generating different lighting effects as a reflection of human presence in the room. A person consciously or unconsciously breathes life into an inanimate object, which in turn becomes an extension of their own identity. The person is a co-creator of his own space and ultimately becomes a part of it.