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Melina Marelja, a designer from the Faculty of Textile Technology and the owner of a design studio, KON2RE, researches all the spheres of design by shifting the borders/shapes with the current focus on fashion design and accessories.
Merging the somewhat forgotten skill of crochetting with recycled materials, we obtain a product which, by virtue of its design, emphasises that certain values remain unchanged even in an age of modern technology. Existing materials are now being transformed into new functional products suited for the time we live in.
The ROLLER – COASTER backpack represents a journey of exploring design solutions in and of themselves, while making the item visually exciting, dynamic and functional. Motivated by the desire to spread awareness about the ecological potential of a material as well as the product itself, KON2RE is searching for new products unburdened by seasons, or rather a product that has no expiration date.