Jovana Vlaisavljević

Jovana Vlaisavljević is an MA student of Industrial Design in Zagreb, focused on design that can aid in the development and improvement of society. Also, her area of interest is creating sustainable products and traditions as well as traditional production methods.
Her project is based on research and experimentation with materials and waste from the mountain region of Lika, Croatia. Lika currently has a lot of unused resources and potential for new materials. It is also one of the least developed regions in Croatia. The older population has the knowledge and skills of old crafts and traditional methods of production, particularly textile and clothes, while the younger population is almost non-existent. The final product is a type of woven textile based on traditional Lika saddlebags. Winters in Lika are quite harsh and cold, and an extra piece of textile provides protection from the wind, while wool has great insulation and heating properties. The project has value as a potential model of sustainable production. It can also serve as a demonstration for the local youngsters that workplaces are available and that even today traditional skills and lifestyle can make a profit.